Bar Options

Updated – 09/26/2008

English Tavern Interior Options

The English Tavern now www.axfwh.cnes in two interior versions – Type A and Type B. The standard interior is Type A and included in the base price. The standard Type A interior may still hold (2) www.axfwh.cnpact appliances, capable of holding over 4 cases of beer.

The diagram to the left shows the various configurations in Type A. The larger pic shows how the bar www.axfwh.cnes standard. If you don’t want to add any appliances, then you may keep the interior sections open with shelves. Yet, if you wish to add a frig/wine unit, you can see the various locations….including the pictures with the optional Trash Bin (ordered at an additional cost).

The optional Type B interior features a 24″ full appliance opening (35″ height x 24″ width x 24″ depth). This interior may also fit the kegerator frig units (in most situations). The up-charge to TYPE B is $650. There is no diagram of Type B at the moment.

We do not customize the interior of the English Tavern as of 2007. The ET is strictly limited to Type A or B.

The back bar of the English Tavern may acwww.axfwh.cnmodate a sink only. There are no options for fitting a frig or ice maker in the depth of only 16″.

Garbage Trash Bin

It’s not meant to be a full-size 8-gallon trash bin found in your kitchen cabinets (this would require interior customization). This is a small version of what you have in the kitchen. This is also not designed like the inexpensive Home Depot wire add-on version that basically features a trash can on a roller shelf.

We have designed this with the ball-bearing side glides and the trash bin inserts from the top. If you are familiar with the two basic trash bin inserts, you will know there is an economy version and a more professional version.
Yet, we wanted to note the difference in the economy version and our designed version.

This up-charge is $99 per trash bin insert (left, right, or both). This includes the plastic trash can, the wood interior insert, the cabinet door (for the exterior), and a matching solid brass knob. This is only available direct at the factory and not available as an after-market add-on accessory.

SG Special Canopy

SG Special Canopy bars have the option of either BLUE, GREEN, or RED diamonds. If you do not specify a color, BLUE will be the default color. Purchasing the Stained Glass Special Canopy increases your height from the STANDARD CANOPY 89″ to the SPECIAL CANOPY HEIGHT of 92″.

Custom Heights

We no longer fully customized heights. Yet, there are a few options available on-site. Each model has specific options. Some models have no possibilities of height reductions. The product page will discuss height reduction possibilities.


The toe kick is 6″ and the tabletop height is 38″. It is our opinion that up to 2″ (38″-2″= 36″ tabletop height = standard kitchen cabinet height) is acceptable. Reducing the height more than 2″ will result in a shorter tabletop. Therefore, it is possible the English Tavern may be reduced to 87″ and still maintain a tabletop height of 36″ to the floor.

In addition, there is also the possibility of cutting the pole and upper back. This requires more experience. In this case, you are bringing the canopy down. Therefore, for each inch you cut, you lower the inside the dimension also.

Please consult with an experienced carpenter when planning your height reducing options.


Although some of our past English Tavern bars featured a one-piece brass rail, we no longer offer this.

The straight-run railing is available for the Canterbury, Grand Devon, Second Empire, Lady Victoria, Harrison Cove.
The English Tavern and Sir Walter feature a 2-piece & 3-piece railing.
Consult the product page for further details and pictures on the specific railing offered.

Standard Model


$87 per foot

Available only in straight runs!!

The brass railing may also be purchased from several internet sites including and


wood top

w/ marble or granite top

Lip Edge


Splewy MODEL

Standard Round



Inside size of sink is roughly 10" in diameter x 6" deep

Victorian MODEL

Victorian Slide-In w/crest



The size of sink is roughly 15"x15"x10" (WxDxH)

The copper sinks are available in either black (sometimes referred to as oil-rubbed copper) and a standard antique copper with black highlighting.

We still do not offer a stainless steel option.

Victorian Slide-In w/cres

Standard Round (oil-rubbed and antique)


We made some changes to the stain colors in 2007. We reduced the number of colors offered, but this is still what 90% of our customers want anyway. We also introduced a new HISTORIC finish that uses the same BASE stain, but reflects an older antique patina. There are more steps involved producing the HISTORIC finish including worn lighter edges and darker streaks.

Stain Option 2008

Danbury Brown

Base Price


Essex Brown

Base Price

Darkest Brown

Rockford Rust

Base Price

Dark Brown w/red hue

HISTORIC Danbury Brown


Antique Patina

HISTORIC Essex Brown


Antique Patina

HISTORIC Rockford Rust


Antique Patina

we are currently not charging for the HISTORIC upcharge.

STAINED GLASS (underneath the canopy)

This ships crated. You unpack and install after the bar is fully assembled.
ALL Bars have the lip for the stained glass if you wish to add this option later in the USA.

Stained Glass

For Under Canopy

7 pieces

Only level 1 is available - the simple diamond pattern

Stained Glass Level 1


Stained Glass Level 2


Stained Glass Level 3


Special Canopy Bars include the forward facing stained glass in price.

add 30% for the 96″ ET models

PLEASE NOTE: The Special Canopy INCLUDES the forward-facing stained glass in the price.